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The therapist and founder of the Company completed a Master’s Degree of Education in Dyslexia Therapy which required 820 clinical hours from Mississippi College.  The core of the training evolved from Orton-Gillingham, a scientific and specific teaching approach that combines all three learning modalities – auditory, visual and kinesthetic.  Mississippi College’s M.Ed. in Dyslexia Therapy program is accredited by the International Multisensory Structured Language Education Council (IMSLEC).


Meet the Therapist/Founder of the Company


Lori Henry, MBA, M.Ed.

I grew up in Oxford and completed two degrees at the University of Mississippi (BBA and MBA) before moving to Memphis and working in the corporate business world for over 25 years.  I was blessed to have a career that I enjoyed and a young daughter who brought new meaning and purpose to my life.  After my daughter entered preschool, it became obvious by kindergarten that she was struggling to retain information and keep up when it came to reading.  That started a year-long testing and evaluation process to get a dyslexia diagnosis in addition to other learning differences.  Along the way, I realized that I knew very little about dyslexia.  I did a lot of online research, read books, talked to teachers and psychologists.  It became apparent that a little tutoring here and there would not solve her problems.  Dyslexia is not something that is cured or goes away.  I made the decision to leave my career and go back to school to learn more about dyslexia in an effort to help and advocate for my daughter and other children and families dealing with dyslexia.  We moved back to the Oxford area and started a little hobby farm because animals are my daughter’s passion.  She is an enthusiastic and avid learner when it comes to animals.  Find your child’s strengths and/or interests and cultivate them. 

Dyslexic children can excel in school and in life.  They just learn differently.  That is why I started Bright Path Dyslexia Services, LLC.  I know how dyslexia can impact an entire family.  I want to help dyslexic students with their knowledge about the English language using therapy that is based on alphabetic phonics which is a structured system of teaching based on the assumption that 85% of the 30,000 most commonly used English words can be considered phonetically regular once the rules have been learned.

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